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The members of the North American Drilling Corporation Board of Directors are elected annually and hold office until their successors are elected and qualified. North American Drilling Corp's officers are chosen by, and serve at the pleasure of its Board of Directors, the positions and experience of it's officers, directors, and shareholders are as follows:

Larry M. Koonce

Mr. Koonce is our founder and has been a Director, CEO, and the President of North American Drilling Corp since its inception in 2006. Raised in West Texas with friends and family in the oil and gas industry (Grandfather was a driller / Uncle is a retired geologist for Sunoco), Mr. Koonce has accumulated many valuable contacts within the industry and his background with over 21 years of oilfield experience provides a source of knowledge and resource for North American Drilling Corp. Since graduating from Texas Tech University in 1990 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, double majoring in both Management and Marketing, Mr. Koonce has worked in the identification and acquisition of investment offerings relative to the oil and gas industry and has hands on experience in the field involving all aspects of well drilling, completion, and production. He has been involved in the selection of numerous drilling prospects and reviewed the geological, geophysical and reservoir engineering reports for countless wells. For the seven years prior to North American Drilling Corp's inception, Mr. Koonce was employed with a Plano based oil and gas exploration company as President. Three years prior to that he was employed with a Dallas based oil and gas exploration company as Vice President. His experience includes, but is not limited to, drilling operations supervisor, field operations management, oil and gas accounting, land/lease/equipment appraisal, well operation evaluations, investor relations, contract negotiation, and marketing programs management.

North American Drilling Corp. - Independent producers of Oil and Gas President, Larry Koonce North American Drilling Corp. - Independent producers of Oil and Gas

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